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"Voted #1 Steakhouse in the Midwest"
Midwest Living

"Smoky's Succulent Steaks Sizzle into First Place Among 12 States and 360 Restaurants"
Midwest Living Magazine

"Best Steak Award"
Dennis Grotto, Wisconsin Magazine

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"... It was Easily Among the Best Steaks I'd Ever Tasted...and If You're in a Hurry, Don't Worry. We were Seated, Served, and Departed Within 40 Minutes... It is the Best Service in Town!"
Michael Muckian, Madison Newspapers, Inc.

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"In Addition to Excellent food, Smoky's is Noted for its Unusual Décor - a Wonderful Mix of Glitz that Hangs from the Ceiling and Covers the Walls."
Capital Times

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"The Schmocks have Wowed Steak Lovers with Gorgeous, Deeply Seared Filets as Thick as Two Big Fists Stacked Atop One Another. And When the Heat Hits Smoky's Metal Platters, Heated for Hours in a 500 Degree Oven, It Unlashes the Most Furious, Aroma-Rousing Tempest of Sizzle I Encountered Anywhere on My Hunt."
Midwest Magazine

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"We Insisted on Serving the Very Best... Our Meat Suppliers Stand Right Here When we Inspect Everything... Our Standards are Very High!"
Leonard and Janet Schmock, Owners

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